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Are you getting ready for a complete kitchen renovation? No longer do you need to rip out your entire kitchen to renovate the look and style of your cabinetry. Jeremy Jones fine finishing can repaint your kitchen to the specifications of a factory finish right in your home.


We have painted, glazed, distressed and even faux finished hundreds of kitchens for remodels over the last several years. Let us give your kitchen the new look you've been wanting!

Cabinets in bathroom

• Paint

• Glaze

• Distress

• Faux finish

Stop the renovation in its tracks. Jeremy Jones Fine Finishing works with what you have! We can repaint your kitchen to the exact specifications of a factory finish, all in the convenience and comfort of your own home. You can expect your kitchen to get the new look that you have been wanting.

Transform your Cabinetry by:

No more expensive replacements

Trust is an important key essential in any business relationship. After all, you are entrusting us to bring you the best artistic accents to your home. Read more about us and our history, so you can fully understand how we have become the experts in finishing!

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