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Among the many advantages to Jeremy Jones Fine Finishes is the fact that we offer basic interior and exterior painting, but we can go many steps further by offering services like cabinet refinishing, faux, murals, woodgrain, and other exotic fine finishes that you would normally have to go to another vendor for. Jeremy Jones offers exclusive packaged services to contractors and designers, by grouping these services together we are able to reduce the overall cost of a large scale project.  


All the paint services we provide, mixed with modern day touch, can enhance the overall buying experience for a client building a new home. Jeremy Jones Fine Finishes is used regularly as an upgraded service that can be offered to your clients through the consultation and construction process.  

Beautiful mural Beautiful egyptian wall finish

In order to get your project done in a timely and effective manner, we have an expert staff with entire painting crews available for large scale projects. Whether it's for new construction, homes, or condos, basic interior painting with designer color palette, we can handle even the toughest of jobs

We provide:

Full painting crew


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