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Does your home need a fresh coat of paint inside or out? Jeremy Jones Fine Finishes is not just a design based company we offer a full range of painting services from basic interior and exterior paint to the most elaborate decorative paint you can imagine, all at competitive pricing. Giving your home a tasteful new color or touching up an existing color is a great way to make a big difference with a small change. However, messy paint jobs can easily ruin the look and feel of a home, which is why we offer expert painting services.  Painting services for residential Includes a "design consultation" with help involving color suggestions walls to trim, interior to exterior.

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• Painting services for residential and      commercial needs

• Design consultations

• Interior and exterior services

• Expert color suggestions

• Experinced highlevel painters

There is nothing average about your home - therefore, don't settle for an average paint job. Whether you are simply looking to re-paint your home or want to work with a designer on a custom palate, we can provide both. Design consultations are available for interior and exterior paint services

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Above and beyond painting

Sometimes, it's hard to decide between paint colors. When you factor in the color of your flooring or carpet, surrounding furniture, and decoration, it can be overwhelming trying to pick a color that flows nicely. Our expert design consultant will help you decide on the best color for your interior and exterior painting needs.


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